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Approved Suggestions / [APPROVED] - GH and /buy Lock Times
« on: March 28, 2014, 05:25:13 pm »
I'm not sure if you can change gang house whenever you want (obviously supposing there are more than 1 available around) or if there's a limit of times per hour for example...but since lately happens very often that you find your old gang house owned by a lower ranked gang, i suppose that who buys it for them can simply switch back to his own gh again few minutes later.

Since this lame thing is getting more frequent day by day (now the next level is that gangs born 1 day ago, thanks to these hackers statspadding get more points than other gangs - like mine - who took months to get their own points... but forget about this) i suggest to let leaders/captains of any gang to buy only one gang house, let's say, per day. This would prevent lamers from buying gang houses of other gangs just to set them free for gangs with a lower points-rank.

I don't think this was already suggested, but in that case i'm sorry and delete this topic

BUSTED! The Cheaters Board / Weedz abusing (again...) - part 2
« on: February 24, 2014, 05:40:14 pm »
Quote from:  Teel
This has now been resolved. Take a look:

Now i don't count on the fact that you told me time ago that the next time someone would have bought you evident proof of Weedz abusing, he would have been removed from the admin team (since it already happened e.g here, yet evidently he still is admin), but i wonder what else should he do to be demoted (and why not, banned/punished).
Since he will clearly never stop abusing his powers, i ask you admins to give us an answer about whether you're ever gonna do something about this or not, cause at this point the matter is getting quite ridiculous  :o

Hi to the server staff,
I wanted to report (also did while ingame) these 2 guys statspadding.

Since i only took screenshots i thought using the timestamp would be a good idea to provide a solid proof.
You can anyway get that it all happened very quickly by the kill list: Kabak kept spawning/teleporting at mount chiliad where the other guy was waiting to kill him, and so he did a 49 rampage in few minutes.

Plus i want to add (even if i don't have proof about this) that ReapZzz has a kind of cheat which lets him jack your vehicle instantly even when he is far enough from it.

p.s: I tried to hide the images not to enlarge the message too much but couldn't find any spoiler button

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